Have You Got a Weight Loss Mentor, Coach or Buddy?

Have You Got a Weight Loss Mentor, Coach or Buddy?

Weight loss is a journey best undertaken in the company of others.  How many others do you need?

The Houston weight loss center says that results are easier to achieve if you can lock in with a group trying to achieve a similar result.  That’s why weight loss self-help groups are so abundant.  So, for starters you will need a group or team.

Join a Weight Loss Group

Then once on that team, and if you are new to the weight loss game, you will need someone to show you and tell you what to do.  That would be your coach, or the person running the weight loss group.  They have the knowledge, system and skills to help you become a weight loss team player hitting your goals.

You are going to need someone in that group to mentor you as you learn the new skills you need for this lifestyle game.  It may, or may not be the coach, depending on the size of the weight loss group.

The coach is looking after the team, and if that team is big enough, they will be too busy to watch you closely.  They will delegate a mentor to watch over your skills development.  A mentor is a person who has walked the weight loss path, has experienced the pitfalls and hurdles, and knows the methods to deal with them.

Then, you will probably need a weight loss buddy or partner.  This is a person, not the coach or mentor, whose role is to be your sounding board when things get tough.

Your Weight Loss Buddy Can Motivate You

When your motivation diminishes, and your will power fades, it is your weight loss buddy you contact to set you right again.  It is your weight loss buddy who will correct your thinking when you want to complain about the coach, your mentor, or the weight loss program.  And you will do the same for them.

As you can see, going it alone on your weight loss journey is not necessarily the best option.