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Things To Keep In Mind While Buying Hilux Parts

Every car needs spare auto parts at some point in time and there will be a need to buy it separately. Given that there are many websites and companies selling auto parts, you should know what to buy and from whom.

One good rule of thumb is to buy directly from the manufacturer, so the parts that you buy matches with your car model. Also, it will be beneficial when you authorized sellers who are associated with the manufacturer as this can ensure the authenticity of the auto part.

For example, if you own a Hilux 4wd you should buy the Hilux parts from a manufacturer authorized to sell these parts. A great example recently on all the forums is the younger newcomers to 4wdriving replacing the Hilux upper control arm and using cheap manufactures and forgetting about quality. The upper control arm on a 4wd is one of the most important accessories. Every bump in the road is directly put into the arm and it needs to take all the bashing day in and day out until eventually the control arm gives away and the driver has an accident. Remember please stay with quality parts. Health and safety is the number one priority and upper control arms is not one to skimp on.

Well, that’s just one of the things when it comes to buying Hilux parts. Here are some things to keep in mind while buying Hilux parts from authorized dealers.

Look For the Seller’s Credentials

We have briefly touched on this part earlier, but since it is so important, there is no harm in reiterating it again. Given the number of online websites that sell Hilux parts, you should do thorough research about the seller and its credentials. Some of the aspects you should consider while determining the credibility of the seller are:

When all the above aspects are present, you can decide that this is a genuine place and buy from here.

Compare Prices

The Hilux parts should cost more or less the same, right? Some states and provinces may charge extra money and this could add to the cost of some sellers. Likewise, some countries that are closer to the company’s manufacturing hub may have lower shipping costs that in turn, will translate to lower costs for you.

In general, though, there can’t be big differences in the prices of similar Hilux parts. For example, let’s say a Hilux part sells for $40 in the US, but it cannot sell for CAD 400 in Canada. If a company sells at that difference, the possibility of fraud is high.

Next, as a buyer, you’d want to get the best value for your money and this means, you’d want to buy a high-quality Hilux part at the cheapest possible rate. The good news is you can do that with online shopping as many companies are vying with each other to increase their customer base and sell products at narrow margins. Obviously, you’re the winner when you buy from the lowest dealer; just ensure that they are genuine as well.

Check The Product’s Quality

An important aspect to keep in mind is the quality of the Hilux part you want to buy. Before you buy a Hilux part, you’d want to know if it is working fine and meets your requirements. The best way to know if the Hilux part you’re buying is genuine or not is to check the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). In other words, if you’re buying the Hilux part from the OEM Company’s website, you can rest assured about its genuineness. Otherwise, you’re taking a chance and could end up with a low-quality Hilux part.

Another option is to go through the manual of the Hilux part to check for its genuineness. All original products will come with a manual, so this is proof that you’re buying the original one. Also, the manual will contain more details about the product such as its part number, description, compatibility, and more. When a product’s manual contains such detailed information, it is bound to be an original Hilux part.

Return Policy

When a manufacturer is sure of the quality of the product, it will have a return policy associated with it. In other words, when a product comes with a return policy or a minimum guarantee, you can rest assured that it is an original Hilux part.

Also, for your own safety, stay away from Hilux parts that don’t come with a warranty because, in case of a product failure, you’ll be stuck with a non-working product with no way to redeem your money. Even if you buy from an online website, make sure to check the return policy of the company before buying it.


Every genuine company will give the option to track the shipping location of your product as the goal of the website is to ensure that the product reaches you at the earliest. If you don’t get a tracking option, it simply means that the Hilux part you just bought is never going to reach you!

To avoid getting into such a situation, check the shipping process and the cost involved. Again, check if this is a reasonable price to ship your product from the seller’s location to your destination.


Buying a Hilux part is only one part of the process while the installation is what makes it complete and usable for you. This is why check if the seller can also install it for you or if they have a partnership with a local company whose technician can come and install that Hilux part for you. Though many people prefer to install by themselves, it is good to have that option in case you’re pressed for time or don’t know how to install that specific Hilux part.

In all, buying a Hilux part is not easy given the many online websites available today. While buying, ensure that it comes from a reputed dealer (check for its credentials and online feedback), check if a manual comes with it, and explore the possibility of shipping and installation. Above everything, check the return policy as you can send it back if the product gets damaged even during transit.

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